Laurence Singer

Producer and Music Supervisor

Akwaaba is being developed for Rhythms of the Globe by Laurence Singer, who is serving as the film's producer and music supervisor. An experienced producer and entertainment and intellectual property lawyer, Laurence’s experience in the entertainment industry extends to the packaging of entertainment projects, organizing and managing productions and producing concerts with internationally known artists.

Coming to Ghana for the first time in 1980, Laurence has long-standing contacts in the Ghanaian film and music industries, and worked with the legendary music producer Faisal Helwani. He co-produced the Radford Graduate Fashion Show, featuring the work of the first class to graduate from a university in Ghana with an accredited degree in Fashion Design. With major sponsors like Ecobank, Vodafone and Google, the Fashion Show was attended by more than 400 people, including the Minister of Education, members of the National Accreditation Board, and corporate and fashion industry leaders.

Laurence was the founder of Global Beat Music, establishing distribution networks for Global Beat in the United States, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and in India with Times Music, and signing a worldwide publishing agreement with Warner Chappell. The Company’s productions were reviewed around the world, with features on CNN ShowBiz and National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”. Symbiose, a Congolese band, was hailed by Tower Pulse Magazine as “part of a new Afro-European movement that may be creating the dominant pop sound of the 21st Century, … a sound [that] may be the future of international pop.” Native American artist Wayquay’s music video received the best music video awards from the Native American Music Awards and the American Indian Film Festival.